Some Progress

I think I’ve traced the bacterial infection problem back to the slant I was culturing from. I tried to culture it once again this week only to end up with the same problem once I had it up to 250ml. This was from the slant of what I’m calling DCY01-B, which I picked from a plate streaked from the finished beer. I realized all of the infected ones had been from that slant. So, I’m trying again with the other slant, DCY01-A, and restreaking the other sample to see if there’s any bacteria present.

Also, the sour DCY01 1-gallon batch is probably ready for bottling. I’m going to cold-crash it for a few days to see if I can get any more stuff to settle out of it and perhaps try fining with gelatin. I’ll take a taste sample soon to see if any of that is worth the effort.


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