The First DCY01 Beer

Uncarbonated Sample

This is the beer I brewed in December, the first with the isolated yeast. As I mentioned in an earlier post the starter for this beer was mildly sour and turbid, but tasted good. I ended up brewing it anyway since I had not realized this about the starter until after the beer was finished. I now keep dry yeast in the fridge just in case, but this ended up being a good experiment anyway.

Despite my interest in the more obscure aspects of fermentation I am quite new to brewing, having started in August of 2011 (my interest in yeast began when I was baking bread). I’ve done lots of experiments but not many actual batches (this was #4, I think) so I am still a nervous klutz during the process. Brewing 1 gallon is great if you screw up but it also is a bit wasteful, since I end up losing so much if I want to avoid the sediment and take hydrometer readings. So, as a result of both of these conditions I ended up with only 6 bottles and two glasses to take sample and take readings with.

I didn’t measure the OG, but it was calculated at 1.062. It finished around 1.011 which is about what I was hoping for.

To my surprise the pH was in normal beer range, in the lower-mid 4.x range. There is a slight sourness but it’s not pronounced. I fined it with gelatin to clear up but some turbidity remained. I don’t think gelatin does much for bacteria but whatever it cleared out, it helped.

Fairly clear. The clumps are stuck to the sides, not floating around.

I don’t know how much yeast was left so I added a small amount of EC-1118 champagne yeast. I have no idea if that was a good choice but I had it, and thought it’d pick up easily. I may have used way too much dextrose for priming. We’ll know in a week whether or not any of this worked.

As for the taste… as I said it wasn’t very sour at all. Banana esters were very prominent with fermentation temperatures in the mid 60’s. There was some sweetness and very little hop bitterness. Even though it was fairly heavy (assuming the OG really was around 1.062) there was little alcohol evident. I wonder what those yeast were doing (or did the bacteria chomp through some of that?) It was not a great beer but it was not awful. We’ll see what carbonation does to it. I look forward to a less klutzy and problem-ridden re-brewing of this later.

I got the recipe from a post by KingBrianI on HomeBrewTalk.

1 lb. light DME

0.25 lb. wheat DME

0.125 lb. table sugar

60 minute boil with:

0.7 oz Hallertau (3%) @ 20 min. for 27 IBU

Pinch Wyeast nutrient @ 15 min.

Brewed 12/23/2011, cold-crashed and fined with gelatin in primary 1/30/2012, bottled 2/6/2012.


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