As you may have guessed from my posting frequency, I’ve not done much with yeasts recently. A flurry of unfortunate events in the past month has kept me busy, and with an upcoming international trip followed by a move when I get back there will be little going on until August or so. So, I will leave you with the only interesting thing happening lately, which is that the sample I inoculated with a few drops of the DCambic grew a pellicle.

It’s actually grown two pellicles now. The first fell when I moved the bottle, disappearing completely in a few hours. This one grew a week or so later and also fell, but not before covering the entire surface. The neat thing is that you can see the sunken pellicles at the bottom of the flask.

In addition to the pellicle, I’ve also noted a few things. First, there is a layer of dark sediment which I also noticed in the vial Mike gave me. Some sort of yeast, perhaps, but I have no way of knowing right now. Second, about a week or so before the first pellicle showed up I started seeing CO2 bubbles, which I had not seen before. The yeast ring around the flask came from that stage. All of this almost two months after the initial inoculation. I will have to repeat this after I move and then try to isolate the bugs from there instead of from the vial like I did the first time.


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